Welcom to the Designer's area!

Our company's range is aimed at wholesale and distrubution, hence designers are our key accounts. We hold special meetings and training courses for designers, and provide them with the best technical assistance and cost optimisation for the devices and solutions in our range.

If you are a designer and require more information or consider cooperation with us, do not hesitate to contact us! We will do our best to convince you that we are the right partner in business.

Meetings and training courses for designers


Arrange an individual meeting - We will show you our range in a nutshell, complete with terms and conditions of cooperation. We will be glad to give you a tour of the company and demonstrate our production capacity. Exquisite coffee included.

Yes, contact me.

Training courses

Do you need more information or hands-on knowledge? Do you want to learn our offer in detail or see why it is attractive, or to train your salesmen? We will hold a training session for you and your company, to answer all questions you may have.

I am interested in a training course.