We provide end-to-end HVACR solutions

  • extremely wide product range
  • representatives across the entire Poland
  • competitive prices
  • wholesale
  • distribution in Poland
  • production of ventilation supplies
  • professional technical consulting
  • Supplies for projects

Who we are and what we do?

SCROL has been in the HVACR business since 2004 - , and our business is professional supply for the domestic and foreign HVACR sector. We offer products in wholesale on affordable terms, a wide product selection, professional technical consulting and end-to-end supplies for investment projects. We directly distribute from renowned manufacturers. We also make our own brand of ventilation supplies (with the manufacturing location in Poland). Practical expertise and skills of our people are our choice. The core of the Company is the staff of experienced and qualified specialists who are well versed in the industry. We are also the Exclusive Distributor of RIGEL, SODECA and ATISA in Poland.

Why us?

Above all, we can offer a complete package: production, sales, distribution as well as professional advice of our engineers and specialists from a single source. Our services are perfectly complemented by a very wide range of products, the sales representatives all over Poland and the prices which are always very competitive (with a discount system). Here you will find everything you need to build your HVAC system: from handling equipment to installation accessories. We care for high quality and compliance with recognised standards: all products and equipment in our offer are tested, certified as required, and on commercial warranty. Thanks to our expertise we are able to tackle even the most difficult and challenging projects. Our direct distribution channels and our own production facility allow us to offer very competitive prices..

As we grew during the 10 years on the investment project and wholesale markets, we have defined a simple and transparent code of good business. This experience has allowed us to strike continuing cooperation with our business partners and become the Exclusive Distributor and Representative of three European manufacturers. Being a Polish company based on Polish capital, we invest in the domestic growth. We believe that international business of Polish enterprises builds the competitive edge of Polish economy and it is a great measure to reach its goals. We are trusted by many businesses, big and small, and not only in Poland. This is why we want to convince you of us.

The people at SCROL

It is the people who make the company. Our staff includes specialised and experienced experts, who you can find on the subpage with our sales representatives and head office personnel. We have never been an anonymous facade, so meet the owners of the Company.